Cotton shirts for men

Discover the ideal cotton shirt for men now at PEERS Amsterdam. With an intelligently designed collection we have the perfect shirt for every man for every occasion. Need something for the office? Do we have something comfortable for that weekend away? We’ve got you covered. Always durable, easy to combine and offering optimal comfort.

Cotton stretch

PEERS makes their cotton shirts using an unique blend of quality cotton and around 2% elastan. This gives the shirt a nice stretch which makes it fit like it was custom made. Our shirts are also diagonally woven (twill), making the fabric extra strong and increasing its lifespan.

Soft, breathable & light

Whether you choose a business shirt or one of our casual shirts, comfort is key. Therefore our cotton shirts for men have a tailored fit, but feel deliciously soft on the skin. Like you’re wearing your favorite t-shirt, but with more style. The fabric is also wonderfully light and breathable. Perfect for the warmest of days. 

Striped, blue & white cotton overshirts for men

You don’t want to think too much about your clothing. That’s why you’ll see our cotton shirts in white, light blue, navy and striped. No tweed pattern or crazy Hawaiian prints, but the solid basics that go with everything. You can wear our  slim fit shirts equally well with a grey chino, jeans, shorts or stylish sweatpants. 


The PEERS cotton shirt for men finds the perfect balance between durability, comfort and style. And as an extra bonus: ironing is extremely easy. That saves time. Experience it for yourself and order your new shirt now with free shipping. In 2-3 workdays, delivered right into your mailbox. You don’t even need to stay home for it (though you can)!

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